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Moving Tips

We know moving can be highly stressful and can also be very expensive. We would like to give you all the tips to helping you keep your cost down as much as possible. Please read through some of the ways to keeping your move more cost efficient. 

  The most important way to keep your move from taking longer then it needs to, is being packed up and prepared as much as possible. All loose and miscellaneous items should be boxed up and/or packed up properly for travels. The more grab and go we can do, the better on time we do. 

We can for sure do all the lifting and stairs for you, but if you are go getter, do this next tip to save your self more money. Getting all the boxes and smaller items brought to the main level will for sure help speed up your move. Keeping the boxes and items stacked neatly will help us come in and scoop them up with the dolly and bring them right to the truck quickly. 

  Now on this part, this will for sure save you some money with reassembly and disassembly for some of your items. We come with our basic tools to assist in taking things apart and putting them back together. But, if your able to and have the tools taking your items apart will for sure help with the speed of the move. 

   Getting as close to the door on a paved services can save lots of steps, which will save lots of $$$ for you. Getting your movers a spot cleared out/ reserved will allow us to get as close as possible to the doors we will be working out of. 

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